THC Residents & Med Students

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  • Teaching Health Centers provide educational residencies to young medical school graduates committed to working in underserved, marginalized communities. Contact Congress and ask them to support Teaching Health Center funding. #DoctorShortage
  • Being part of a Teaching Health Center allows me to commit myself to meaningful work, where I am giving back to the community in which I live. Contact your congressional representative and ask them to support comprehensive funding for THCs. #DoctorShortage
  • Every day I see a variety of patients come through the door from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Being a Teaching Health Center resident allows me to connect with patients on their level. This is one reason why I support comprehensive funding for THCs. #DoctorShortage


  • As a Teaching Health Center resident, I eat, live &¬†spend money in the communities where I work. This helps everyone! #DoctorShortage
  • I am a next-generation doctor &¬†support the work of Teaching Health Centers. Urge Congress to fund this program! #DoctorShortage