The first residents of the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (THCGME) programs graduated last year and are practicing in communities where they are most needed. The below chart shows that THCGME graduates are practicing medicine in underserved areas at a higher rate than their traditional Graduate Medical Education (GME) counterparts. This demonstrates the need to continue funding Teaching Health Center programs. By funding these programs, we are investing in areas that traditionally face obstacles to accessing quality health care while also tackling the looming primary care doctor shortage that will soon pose a serious threat to our nation’s health care system.

Graduating Residents Practicing In:                                                        THCGME             Traditional GME

Primary Care                                                                                                           82%                             23%

Underserved Areas                                                                                                55%                             26%

Rural Settings                                                                                                          20%                               5%

Community Health Centers                                                                                   36%                               2%



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