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  • We are proud to address the doctor shortage by training high-quality, compassionate doctors who can serve a variety of populations. Congress needs to step up and fund these valuable programs! #DoctorShortage
  • Our residents offer so much more than medical care to their patients. They provide compassion, empathy, understanding and hope. Congress needs to recognize their value through funding the THC programs. #DoctorShortage
  • Community health care centers are the backbone of low-income communities and our residents provide an important pipeline to help meet our patient demand. We need Congress to ensure they are funded well into the future! #DoctorShortage
  • THCs are in 27 states and the District of Columbia, touching thousands of lives every year. We need to save this important medical resource! #DoctorShortage
  • THCs serve diverse populations, including veterans and their families, minority groups, older adults, children and adolescents. We need to save this important medical resource! #DoctorShortage
  • Expanding our Teaching Health Center programs will include spots for mental health residents. This is vital to help address the growing mental health and violence issues in our country. #DoctorShortage
  • If fully funded, THCs will train more mental health professionals to help those in our country facing mental health issues. This is an urgent need and we need Congress to take action! #DoctorShortage


  • Teaching Health Centers provide relief to low-income communities hit hardest by doctor shortages. #DoctorShortage
  • Urge Congress to fund Teaching Health Centers. Less funding will shrink the # of doctors in underserved communities. #DoctorShortage
  • Funding Teaching Health Centers is an investment in the next generation of doctors & the communities they serve. #DoctorShortage
  • 59 Teaching Health Centers train 742 residents each year. These are docs available to treat families across America. #DoctorShortage
  • THCs are located in a variety of settings, including urban, rural and tribal communities. We are here to serve you! Help us keep our funding. #DoctorShortage
  • Help keep Americans safe! Including THC funding in mental health bills will allow more mental health professionals to be trained and treat our community. #DoctorShortage