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  • Teaching Health Centers are a must in our growing and changing health care field. They increase the number of doctors available to see patients. Support comprehensive funding for THCs. #DoctorShortage
  • Expanding our Teaching Health Center programs will include spots for mental health residents, which will help address the growing issues of violence our nation is facing. #DoctorShortage
  • More mental health professionals in communities will help stop the growing violence our country is facing. If fully funded, THCs will train more mental health professionals to help those in our country facing mental health issues. #DoctorShortage



  • Improving access to healthcare should be a priority! Let’s contact Congress & ask them to support funding for THCs. #DoctorShortage
  • All communities, including underserved & low-income areas, benefit from more doctors! #DoctorShortage
  • Teaching Health Center residents spend $ in the communities they work in & boost our economy! #DoctorShortage
  • Keep Americans safe! Include funding for Teaching Health Centers in the mental health bill before Congress. #DoctorShortage