Community Health Center Staff

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  • Working alongside THC medical residents, I can honestly say they are some of the most committed and dedicated providers out there! Contact Congress and ask them to support comprehensive funding for Teaching Health Centers. #DoctorShortage
  • Teaching Health Center medical residents log thousands of hours of patient care, providing invaluable resources for patients and helping with a backlog of appointments. Support funding for THCs! #DoctorShortage
  • Working in the field of community medicine, I know that Teaching Health Centers are a MUST to meet our nation’s changing health care needs. Support comprehensive funding for THCs. #DoctorShortage
  • A cap on the number of medical residency programs and an aging doctor population has strained our system. Today, there are more patients than medical providers and it will only get worse. Teaching Health Centers increase access to health care for everyone. Contact Congress and ask them to support Teaching Health Center funding. #DoctorShortage
  • 36% of graduates from THCs become primary care providers in nonprofit, community health centers, working with underserved communities. We need to keep this pipeline of doctors open! #DoctorShortage


  • Teaching Health Centers improve access to health care for everyone. Support legislative funding for THCs. #DoctorShortage
  • Teaching Health Centers provide relief to low-income communities hit hardest by doctor shortages. #DoctorShortage
  • 75% of Teaching Health Centers are Federally Qualified Health Centers. Congress needs to fund this program! #DoctorShortage
  • Funding Teaching Health Centers is an investment in the next generation of doctors & the communities they serve. #DoctorShortage